Unusual Wedding Toppers

  Personalised Cake Toppers For Weddings & Special Occasions











                                                                                                                                                      Groom driving Caterham 7 and bride waving





                         Racing car driver groom with his bookworm bride                                Drummer groom with his snow boarding bride and pet dog




                               Couple in new style VW Beetle                                                                                      Couple in classic style VW Beetle




                                                   Cruising couple                                                                                                                Jetski couple




                                 Couple on car with pet dog                                                                                      Couple with VW Beetle




                                     Camping couple with pet dog                                                                        Groom waving from the helicopter                  






                             Couple with Truck                                                                Barbecue couple                                             Barbecue couple - side view





   RAF Pilot groom & horse riding bride with the Chinook                          Biker groom with his bride                Sailing couple on their two-hull catamaran





   Pilot groom and bride on Ryan Air flight         Bride on horse with groom and pet dog                            Racing car couple




             Couple on Suzuki Hayabusa                                      Couple on Kawasaki                            Bride and Groom on bike with teddy





       Couple on new style VW Beetle                               Couple on Classic VW Beetle                                       Classic VW Couple





 Groom playingtalldrums with a palm tree in the background with bride plunged in sand                  Computer Game characters







Novelty Cake Toppers  2015