Unusual Wedding Toppers

  Personalised Cake Toppers For Weddings & Special Occasions





Bride dragging the groom with ball and chain





Pianist groom and singer brider



Canoeing Couple 


Surfing Couple



Running Couple





Fireman rescue lifting the bride


Ballet bride with musician groom




Piggy back bride and groom





Bear groom with greek goddes bride



 Cyclist groom with his running bride





 Iron Maiden groom with his bride





 Parachute instructor groom with his bride




 Football fan groom with his teacher bride



                   Sleeping Beauty - bride




Horse riding bride with her surfer groom


Pointing couple



                    Sleeping Beauty - groom


                Police bride and groom with horse



RAF groom proposing bride in hospital surgical gown






Novelty Cake Toppers  2015